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Episode 75: Bad Times At The El Royale, First Man, Halloween And More

On today's episode of The Boyle and Rojas Podcast (taped a week and a half earlier) the duo talk about a whole bunch of movies from the past month. 

episode 73: fall 2018 preview

The Fall 2018 preview is (finally) here!
Listen to Nick and Nick predict the good, the bad and the ugly from the upcoming slate of movies from now through December 21st!
This is their favorite time of year for movies and this year plans to be no different.

Episode 65: Jurassic world: fallen kingdom, the incredibles 2, tag & more

On today's episode the guys return to talk about all the movies they've seen over the past two weeks!
They open it up with talk about Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Does this movie live up to being a Jurassic Park sequel? Is it worth seeing in theaters? Then they discuss The Incredibles 2, the long-awaited Pixar sequel to the 2004 film. You already know it was great, but what did the guys think about it?
Tag is also discussed before the guys wrap up the show with Ocean's 8, Meet the Robinsons and Adrift.

Episode 64: hereditary

n today's edition of the show the guys discuss the #1 most anticipated movie on their list for this summer: Hereditary. The horror movie made its debut this past weekend and the guys were there to discuss. Towards the end of the show, the guys talk about their favorite horror movies from growing up.

Episode 62: Deadpool 2

On today's episode of the show, the duo talk about Deadpool 2 (00:05), the sequel to the surprise 2016 hit Deadpool. This one stars Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin. Did this live up to its predecessor or did it fall short? Then they talk about the Twitter beef they got in on Thursday and Friday with Dr. Who and Bad Samaritan fans (22:45) before talking about their Netflix picks.

Episode 61: Bad Samaritan

Want to hear two guys with zero energy to break down a bad movie break down a bad movie? Than this episode is for you. On today's show the guys discuss Bad Samaritan, the latest movie from the people who brought you "Geostorm," so you know it has to be good. Just exactly what makes this movie bad?

Episode 60: Tully (Featuring Austin Rojas, Madison Rojas, Kristin Rojas, and Cookie Rojas

Episode 59: The Avengers: Infinity war

The guys are back to discuss Marvel's landmark crossover event, The Avengers: Infinity War. If you've been listening to the Boyle and Rojas podcast since the beginning, you'll know this has been Boyle's most anticipated movie for 2 years. The duo break down what they liked about the movie before Boyle goes for about 8 minutes discussing a new theory he has about the next direction of films, so skip this part (16:50 - 24:50)if you haven't seen it yet.
Afterwards, they talk about Rampage, Chappaquiddick and Truth or Dare.

Episode 58: Summer Movies Preview (with Dual Redundancy)

The weather in the northeast doesn't feel like it but summer is right around the corner and that means big movies are on the horizon! For this special episode we welcomed on Dave and Kyle from Dual Redundancy (@DualRedundancy, @eastwoodmcfly), a podcast about television and movies. Nick, Nick, Dave & Kyle list their top 3 most anticipated movies from the upcoming Summer months of May through August!

Episode 57: Isle of Dogs & Ready Player One (with guest Sean Yoo)

On today's edition of the show, Nick & Nick are joined by Sean Yoo (@RealSeanyeWest), who went to college with Rojas and now works at The Ringer. The trio discuss Ready Player One from a book reader's perspective as well as break down Isle of Dogs, the latest film from Wes Anderson.

Episode 56: Ready Player One

On today's edition of the show, the gang talks about the latest blockbuster from Steven Spielberg, "Ready Player One." Does this blockbuster live up to the hype? Is the IMAX worth it? The crew discusses the merits of this book adaptation as the the winter season turns to spring at theaters.

episode 55: Love, Simon

On today's edition of the podcast, Nick & Nick are joined once again by Mikayla and Becca to talk about the new high school film "Love, Simon" that's in theaters now. Despite being a high school movie did they still like the movie? Also how does a movie in 2018 center around High Schoolers on a message board? All that and more on today's episode.

Episode 53: we have a lot to talk about

On the return of the Boyle & Rojas Podcast the duo record the show during a blizzard so there are some audio issues with some terrible internet issues. No worries though as they recap the dozen or so of movies they've seen since the most recent episode. Also Becca joins the group to talk about some of the movies she saw to catch up with the guys.

episode 50: 12 Strong, the post          & I, tonya

On this edition of "The Boyle & Rojas Podcast" the guys talk about several movies they've seen before the Oscar nominations were announced. How does 12 Strong stack up as a war film? Is the Post worth the accolades? 
Also they take your Twitter questions on the show and Cookie Rojas calls in.

Episode 49: The 2017 Year in review

In today's episode, the guys countdown their best (and worst) movies of 2017!

Episode 48: Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Lady Bird & The Disaster Artist

On this week's edition of The Boyle and Rojas Podcast, Nick and Nick discuss the movie event of the year: Star Wars. They discuss the movie in broad terms, so this podcast is SPOILER FREE! Who liked it and who felt disappointed?
Then the two discuss movies that Rojas has seen (00:20:15 into the podcast) which include Coco, The Disaster Artist and Lady Bird.
Also the duo talk about their Christmas movie list and some of the issues they have...with their own lists.

Episode 47: Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (Plus Mount Rushmore of christmas movies)

On today's edition of the show, Nick & Nick discuss Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. Was this dark comedy too dark for the guys?
Also they catch up on the past few weeks with all the movies and documentaries they saw, including Coco, Justice League, Kong: Skull Island and Jim & Andy.
After a quick review from Cookie & Kristin Rojas, the duo discuss their Mount Rushmore of Christmas movies and it's a doozy.

Episode 46: murder on the orient express

On this week's episode of the show, Nick, Nick & Austin are joined by Mikayla Siede to talk about Kenneth Branagh's latest film "Murder on the Orient Express." This murder mystery is another adaptation of the novel of the same name. How does this old-fashioned story translate to modern movie goers? Plus Boyle and Mikayla talk about the movies they've seen lately and Cookie and Kristin Rojas give a review of Suburbicon to defend themselves to Boyle.

Episode 45: Thor Ragnarok & A Bad Moms Christmas (With Guests Marcus, Kristin & Cookie Rojas)

On today's jam packed episode of the show, Nick, Nick & Austin are joined by guest Marcus Rojas to talk about 'A Bad Moms Christmas.' Before that, the crew talks about the latest chapter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Where does this fit in the puzzle? Rounding out the episode, Kristin and Cookie Rojas give their opinion on the movie "Happy Death Day." Nick and Nick break down that movie on Episode 43.


On today's edition of the show, Nick, Nick & Austin discuss "Only The Brave," the true story about the Granite Mountain Hotshots. This divided the trio, who liked it and who hated this movie? Is it even worth seeing? How does it stack up against Geostorm? Also, Boyle talks about Geostorm and the new movie "Jigsaw." Which was the better of the two? Finally, the group discusses their favorite Miles Teller roles and hear what listeners of the show had to say was theirs.

Episode 43: Happy Death Day

On this edition of the show, the guys talk about the newest thriller, "Happy Death Day." Where does this stack up against other horror movies the duo has seen over the past few years?
Also discussed is the Lego Ninjago Movie and The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected).

Episode 42: The Foreigner & Blade Runner 2049

Episode 41: American Made & Stronger

On today's edition of the show, Nick & Nick welcome back Austin to the program to discuss the newest Tom Cruise movie, "American Made." Is it just another piece of media trying to jump on the Escobar train or does this movie stand on its own?
Also the trio discuss the movie "Stronger," the story about Jeff Bauman, the Boston Marathon Bombing survivor.
Austin dishes his Amazon Prime Pick of the week and the gang discusses your answers on what your favorite Tom Cruise movie is.

Episode 40: Kingsman: The Golden Circle, mother! and Movies That Went Over Our Head or Disappointed Us

On this edition of the show, the two talk about the sequel to Kingsman, Kingsman: The Golden Circle. How does it match up with its predecessor? Also the two break down the new film mother! starring Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem. Does Darren Aronofsky throw the guys for a loop here? Also the two have a new segment with a surprise voicemail left behind and finish up the show with listeners' movies that went over their head or didn't meet their expectations.

Episode 39: "It" And Horror Movies in theaters

On today's episode Nick & Nick breakdown how they felt about the movie "It," the remake of the miniseries from the early 1990s. How well does this movie serve as a horror?
Also the guys take your feedback, which was favorite horror movie-going experiences.

Episode 38: Wind River and Summer Recap

On today's special edition of the show, Nick, Nick & Austin discuss "Wind River," the latest from Taylor Sheridan (Sicario, Hell or High Water). How does this compare to those other ones? Was Jeremy Renner's acting spot on or too paint-by-numbers.
Then the guys talk about the Best Movies they saw this summer and some of the biggest surprises (and disappointments).

episode 37: Logan Lucky & Annabelle: Creation

Boyle and Rojas are back!
The two are joined by Becca Semanski this week to talk about Logan Lucky. Did the fact that it was similar to Steven Soderbergh's previous movies help or hurt this movie? The two don't break it down too much because it benefits from being seen! Also the trio discusses the last movie they all saw, Annabelle: Creation. How scary was this movie?
Lastly, Boyle talks about Despicable Me 3 before wrapping up the show.

Episode 36: Dunkirk & the Big Sick

On today's episode of the show the Summer Gang featuring Austin, Madison and Madison's Boyfriend Sam join Nick & Nick to breakdown Dunkirk, the new World War II film by Christopher Nolan. With such high expectations from a great director, does the film live up to expectations? How does this movie compare to other war movies? Also Nick & Nick discuss The Big Sick and talk about the potential of a third host on the show.

Episode 35: Spider-man: Homecoming

On today's episode of The Boyle and Rojas Podcast, Nick & Nick are joined once again by Austin and Madison Rojas to talk about Marvel's "Spider-Man: Homecoming." How does it fit in with the other Marvel movies? Have the movies gotten stale or is this another great chapter in the Marvel cinematic universe?

Episode 34: Baby Driver, The Mummy and More

On today's episode of the show, Nick & Nick talk about the latest Edgar Wright film, "Baby Driver." Did the movie live up to all the hype?
Also the gang catches up on the past few weeks. Austin & Madison Rojas join the show as Boyle and Rojas talk about The Mummy, Rough Night, Transformers: The Last Knight and Wonder Woman. How were these movies?
Finally they take a question before wrapping up the episode.


On today's edition of the show, Nick & Nick see the long anticipated Fate of the Furious, the 8th movie in the Fast Franchise. The two talk about whether or not the movie lived up the hype and if they continue to live life a quarter mile at a time. The two also saw a few other movies over the past two weeks and discuss them on their way to magical restaurant that you'll have to listen to to discover.

Episode 27: The Belko Experiment and Beauty and the Beast

On this edition of "The Boyle & Rojas Podcast" Nick and Nick saw "The Belko Experiment." The two get into what they liked about the movie and what they didn't like but without spoiling it. Then Boyle talks about seeing "Beauty and the Beast." Finally, the two take a question from Marcus Rojas, a previous guest of the show.


On today's edition of the show, Nick and Nick are joined by Madison Rojas to talk about the Oscar Nominated Shorts. Could the gang survive a 4 and a half hour extravaganza of short films? Also "Boyle's Scream Out of the Day" makes it's glorious return. Also they talk about Gold, Hacksaw Ridge and The Founder, plus Maddie and Boyle talk about Finding Dory (ps, it was Ed O'Neill who plays the Octopus guys!) Big thanks to Maddie for joining us!

Episode 21: Passengers

On today's edition of the Boyle and Rojas Podcast, Nick & Nick are joined by the Rojas family (Cookie, Kristin, Marcus and first time guest Austin) to talk about the latest December space adventure "Passengers."


Episode 16:

On today's Special Thanksgiving Edition of the Boyle and Rojas podcast, Nick and Nick are joined by the Rojas family to talk about the latest Miles Teller-led film "Bleed For This." The crew talks about how they felt about the highly anticipated movie and how they felt seeing Rhode Island taking such a prominent focus in a major Hollywood film. Also, the gang discusses The Edge of Seventeen, movies they are thankful for and questions from listeners on Twitter.

Episode 11:

In this episode of the show, Nick and Nick discuss Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children and the Kevin Hart standup film "What Now?" Which Nick liked which movie more? Also the two talk about the merits of seeing a standup movie in a theater versus at home.

Episode 10:

In this episode, the duo discuss the latest from Ben Affleck, "The Accountant." Someone fell asleep while watching this movie, will it affect his score of the film?


In this edition of the Boyle & Rojas podcast, the duo reunites after a few weeks away from seeing movies together to talk about four movies, including 'Deepwater Horizon,' the latest from Peter Berg and Mark Wahlberg.


In today's episode of the show, Rojas' Dad Cookie Rojas makes his debut on the podcast to discuss the new movie "Sully" while Nick battles drowsiness the entire time.

Episode 7: 

This week, Nick and Nick talk about the new horror/thriller "Don't Breathe" while sitting in massage chairs at the mall. Also, Rojas' Mom makes an appearance and the two talk about other things they've watched since the last episode.


In today's episode, the guys saw the new Todd Phillips film "War Dogs" starring Miles Teller and Jonah Hill. The two talk about the performances in the movie and how they thought about it overall. Next the guys discuss "Anthropoid," "A Million Ways to Die in the West," and take your Twitter questions!

Episode 5:

In today's episode of the Boyle and Rojas Podcast, the guys talked about the new R-Rated Animated film "Sausage Party" and more upcoming releases they are looking forward to. Plus, did Rojas remember his parking ticket this time?


Nick and Nick talk about seeing "Suicide Squad," plus Boyle saw "Stranger Things."

Episode 3:

Nick and Nick talk about the newly released "Bad Moms" plus talk about other movies and shows they've seen this week.

Episode 2

In today's episode, Nick & Nick talk about the new horror movie out in theaters now, Lights Out.

Episode 1

In the debut episode of The Boyle and Rojas Podcast, the pair introduce themselves while talking about Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. They also talk about the movies they've seen this year.