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The Boyle and Rojas Podcast

Episode 62: Deadpool 2 and We Got Into A Twitter Fight

On today's episode of the show, the duo talk about Deadpool 2 (00:05), the sequel to the surprise 2016 hit Deadpool. This one stars Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin. Did this live up to its predecessor or did it fall short? Then they talk about the Twitter beef they got in on Thursday and Friday with Dr. Who and Bad Samaritan fans (22:45) before talking about their Netflix picks.

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Episode 61 - Bad Samaritan

Want to hear two guys with zero energy break down a bad movie? Then this episode is for you. On today's show the guys discuss Bad Samaritan, the latest movie from the people who brought you "Geostorm," so you know it has to be good. Just exactly what makes this movie bad?

Listen to the show that Brendan Boyce says is hosted by "Semi-Literate Twits!"

Episode 60 - Tully (Featuring Madison & a Guest Review by Kristin and Cookie)

On today's edition of the show, the gang reunites for a much smaller movie this week when they see "Tully" the latest movie by Jason Reitman and Diablo Cody starring Charlize Theron. With a movie that is a comedy about motherhood will two guys in their mid-twenties enjoy it? Tune in to find out!


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